The Atman, the Self of all beings, Purusha, ego, sense of individuality, consciousness, creative intelligence, health, vitality, body, dignity, nobility, godliness, royalty, authority, government, organising power, personal magnetism, radiance, charisma, leadership, inspiration, enthusiasm, zest, courage, victory, honour, pride, ambition, creativity, general success, reliability, stability, personality, character, grace, generosity, respect for elders, doctoring capacity, places of worship, temples, town halls, palaces, square forms, forests, mountains, hill-sides.
Agni, Shiva. Rama avatar. Rigveda, Vedanta, Samkhya. King. Kshatriya. Father. Fire. East. Sattva. Pitta. Bones. Heart, stomach area, right eye. Pungent. Orange. Copper, gold. Ruby. 22nd year.