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10 Mar

Do Astrological remedies really work?

You will find many articles written on this topic. I am not going to write a long article just to impress the readers. Let us come to the point.

Yes, Astrological remedies do work, provided:

  • Remedies are prescribed after a thorough analysis of the birth chart.
  • Prescribed remedies are done with full faith. There should not be any doubt about the effectiveness of the remedy.
  • Discipline being followed in doing the remedy. If the remedy is prescribed for some days it should be done diligently for those many days without fail and without losing faith.
  • Don’t discuss the remedy with anyone. If you get relief then also don’t discuss with anyone.

Some of the remedial measures are listed below and they are effective in the same order:

  • Jap and havan
  • Chanting mantras – same time daily and same place is important to get more effect.
  • Prayers at temples – a regular visit to kuldevta (family deity) and gram devta (deity of the place where you live) is very important.
  • Rudraksha
  • Gemstones
  • Yantra

One thing to remember always is that one has to bear the fruit of past karmas and this is the ultimate truth. Astrological remedies can change the severity of the effect of bad past karmas but these cannot fully neutralize its effect. This should always be kept in mind.

Bad phase in life is generally followed by good phase and vice versa so patience during bad phase is equally important.

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