Zodiac Signs

The Twelve Rashis

Active, dynamic, independent, ambitious, pioneering, enterprising, adventurous, self-confident, frank, outspoken, straightforward, self-referral, courageous, enthusiastic, restless, impatient, impulsive, zealous, always fond of new projects and adventures, travels much, well-informed, ingenious, capable of holding command in executive positions, liberal in gifts, somewhat dogmatic in his opinion.

Mesha (Aries)

Vrishabha (Taurus)

Practical, stable,  of fixed views, determined, persistent, steady going but somewhat stubborn, strong-willed, patient, enduring, faithful, reliable, reserved, secretive, conservative, ambitious for power yet social and loving, hard working, ever smiling but very diplomatic, fond of domestic comforts and possessions, businessman, fond of enjoyment, love, art and beauty.

Communicative, ingenious, intellectual, giving and gaining knowledge, teacher, well informed, exposing himself to various sources of information, clever, inventive, very skilled, progressive, argumentative, good speaker, logical but not always consistent, changeable on the level of thinking, adaptive, flexible, versatile, loves jokes, quick-witted, curious, engaged in two or more pursuits at the same time, loving diversity in all spheres of life.

Mithuna (Gemini)

Karka (Cancer)

Industrious, active, soft-hearted, protective,  motherly, sympathetic, honest, subtle, intuitive, good memory, impressionable, moody, of fertile imagination, romantic, changeable on the level of emotions, timid at one time and courageous at another, attached to home but also fond of travelling, inclined to public life, diplomatic, conventional, discrete, magnetic, hospitable, good business instinct, tradesman, collecting various articles.

Royal, dignified, has leading capacity, excellent organising power, manager, director, fatherly, possesses natural wisdom, brilliant, philosophical, somewhat dogmatic, conscientious, independent, self-confident, self-willed, ambitious, focused, dynamic, strong sense of individuality, strong sense of universality, loves freedom, fearless, frank, outspoken, cheerful, good-natured, helpful to mankind, warm-hearted, generous, spending lavishly, fond of admiration, having great hopes, feeling for art.

Simha (Leo)

Kanya (Virgo)

Analytical, practical, result-oriented, perfectionist, critical, discriminating, logical, methodical, orderly, systematic, efficient, economical, modest, prudent, acting with forethought, good planner, thoughtful, ingenious, industrious, good inspector, loves details, good in service, good business instinct, fond of learning, fond of science, medicine and hygiene.

Sympathetic,  co-operative, sociable, good in public relations, of sound judgement, diplomatic, intuitive, inspirational, constructive, creative, dynamic, good organiser, good power of concentration, intellectual, adaptable, courteous, charming, of pleasant nature, affectionate, popular among friends, has strong conjugal affection, loves comforts and conveyances, fond of beauty, art and music, artistic, refined, fond of dress, perfumes, ornaments, tends to be extravagant.

Tula (Libra)

Vrishchika (Scorpio)

Focused,  concentrated, of strong will power, self-made, passionate, with strong likes and dislikes, unyielding, uncompromising, of penetrating mind, hard to influence, powerful, forceful, invincible, dominating, ready to confront any opposition or obstacle on his way, of fixed views, faithful, of subtle mind, complex moods, fertile imagination, sharp, keen, cunning, good detective, interested in esoteric studies, solving the mysteries of life, concerned with his own work only.

Goal-oriented, optimistic,  idealistic, aspiring to bring heaven on earth, ambitious, progressive, expanding, restless for evolution, impulsive and somewhat pushy, not timid at all, great self-confidence, bold, frank, outspoken, just, generous, cheerful, looking at the bright side of life, friendly, enthusiastic, energetic, fond of outdoor sports and recreations, loves to travel, inclined to law, medicine, religion and philosophy, has a tendency to prophecy.

Dhanu (Sagittarius)

Makara (Capricorn)

Practical, methodical,  systematic, scientific, reasonable, philosophical but result-oriented, ambitious, self-willed, persevering, hard working, productive, abounding in speech, rising to the top, good organising power, possessing dignity and self-esteem, reserved, serious, patient, tolerant, circumspect, prudent, thoughtful, conservative, has much mental ingenuity, of fertile imagination, good business instinct, down to earth, not depending on the promises of others.

Serious deep thinker,  contemplative, socially conscious, humane, principled, persevering, of high morals, religious, aiming at reformation but also conservative, reserved, self-controlled, intellectual, intuitive, holistically scientific, good reasoning ability, clear headed, capable of dealing with facts, good researcher, blessed with new and fresh ideas, inventive, altruistic, unselfish, impersonal, happy disposition, brotherly, friendly, has many friends, loves penance.

Kumbha (Aquarius)

Meena (Pisces)

Compassionate, affectionate, charitable, kind, loving, romantic, passionate, hospitable, true to friends, sensitive, intuitive, sincere, honest, optimistic, versatile, somewhat carried away by fancy, moody, keeps hopes on other’s promises, somewhat lacking in self-confidence, indecisive, emotional, psychic, has supernormal perceptions, inspirational, mystical, mysterious, spiritual, holistic, loves esoteric studies and poetry, peaceful, not harming anyone, mild, easy going, over-liberal, philosophical, sensing the unity amidst all diversity.