Education is judged from 2nd house, 4th house, 5th house and 9th house of a horoscope. From 2nd house primary education is judged. From 4th house capability of learning and grasping things is judged. From 5th house secondary standard education and college (Bachelor degree) education is judged. Hence 5th house is called the main house for education in a horoscope. From 9th house higher education beyond bachelor degree is judged. In addition to this 8th house also indicate tendency towards research related studies or interest towards occult sciences.

Jupiter is considered as karaka for education and knowledge in vedic astrology. Placement of Jupiter in a horoscope is therefore important for education. Relation of Jupiter with 5th house/lord and its placement in Kendra and Trikona houses is always beneficial for education.

Mercury is related to intelligence of a person. Strength of Mercury and its placement in good houses is also important for education in addition to that of Jupiter. Placement of Mercury with Sun creates budh-aditya yoga. Formation of this yoga in a horoscope is beneficial for education particularly if it is getting formed in Kendra houses.

Placement or association of planets in the houses/house lords as discussed above also influence the field of education. Malefic planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu indicate technical field of education like engineering or medical. Strength of Mars is of prime importance for education in the field of engineering or medical. Venus and Mars indicate education in the field of electrical engineering. Venus is also associated with education in the field of music, painting, dance, tourism and other artistic work. Saturn indicates education in the field of mines, petroleum, oil and minerals which are related to earth matter.

Parents can take the help of astrology to choose a right education field for the children instead of forcing their views and choices on the children. Children can excel in the area of education which is supported by the planets in their horoscopes.