Job, profession or career of a person is seen from his tenth house. The sign of the tenth house, planet owning the 10th house and the planets posited in the 10th house have significant role to play for the career and field through which native will earn his livelihood. Placement of 10th house lord in different houses is generally seen for prediction about career of the native. Strength of 10th house lord and affect of benefic and malefic planets on the 10th house/lord also should be examined. Dashamsha (D10) divisional chart should also be examined to see the career prospects in a horoscope. Placement of 10th lord of birth chart in D9 and D10 chart also provide deeper insights into the career of the person. Exchange of 10th lord (Kendra) with 5th and 9th lord (Trikona) or lagna lord or any relation between them is beneficial for the career of the person. Other houses which should be examined for career or earning of livelihood are 2nd house (wealth) and 6th house (service).

Saturn is significators of job hence its strength and placement in the horoscope plays an important role in the career of a person.

For determining the timings of getting job following points should be considered:

  • Dasha and antardasha running is of favorable planets or not.
  • Transit of the lord of tenth house.
  • Transit of benefic/malefic planets over the 10th house/lord.
  • Influence of transiting Saturn and Jupiter on the 10th house/lord by conjunction or aspect.
  • Relation of dasha antardasha lords with the 10th