Astro Remedies

People on this earth suffer from many things. Some people suffer from diseases, some people suffer from poverty, some people suffer from married life or children related problems and some people suffer from professional problems. Nobody on this earth is without suffering in one form or the other.  Despite of no bad karma in this life still people suffer. Why so?  The answer lies in the karmas of previous lives. The karma theory is very simple. Wrong deeds of previous lives leads to sufferings while right deeds leads to smooth and enjoyable life.

Astrological Remedies are the divine tools mentioned in Vedic Astrology to cop up the problems in our life. Astrological remedies work on either of the 2 principles:

  • Making good planets stronger to increase their positive results
  • Making bad/ afflicted planets weaker to lessen their negative results.

There are many problem which people face in their life like chronic diseases, mental stress, depression, marital discord, poverty, delayed marriage, progeny issues, childlessness, job loss etc. All these problems point towards the adverse effects of either malefic planets or bad placement of good planets in a horoscope.  The horoscope is studied to understand the beneficial and adverse effects of the planets and finding out whether the problem is due to influence of malefic planet or due to bad placement or affliction of benefic planet.  A week functionally benefic planet is preferably chosen for remedy over trying to alter the results of a strong malefic planet. Effect of operating dasha and antardasha lords is also studied for selection of a most suitable Astrology remedy.

Types of Astrological Remedies

Mantras, Planetary Yantras and Astrological Gemstones corresponding to the planets causing problems are some of the remedial measures.


Mantras are sounds which create positive energy. Each root word of a mantra generates a sound that activates a different centre in the human body that correlates to the particular planet.
They are the most powerful remedy for any problem. Anything can be done using mantras. When an Astrologer could relate a person’s problem with the particular planet, he can prescribe an appropriate mantra for the deity of that planet. For example, when Saturn is the root cause for ill health of a person, then the Astrologer may prescribe Mrityunjaya mantra.

Mantras reciting is not easy and there are also lot of restrictions to be observed while reciting mantra in a particularly quantity. In that case reciting stotras (Sanskrit verses) will be easier and effective. For example, regular recitation of astottarams (108 names) or Sahasranamas (1000 names) of a particular god will help to alleviate problems related to a particular planet. Recitation of chalisas like hanuman chalisa is also effective for problems related to Mars and Saturn. Recitation of ancient scriptures will also help us to come out of many problems


 Tantras are specialized actions which pacify the planets. Tantras are generally connected to mantras. For example, if a woman has badly placed Mars in her horoscope which indicates the possibility of death of her husband, then her marriage is conducted first with a peepal tree in a tantric way. Then another marriage celebration is done with the actual bridegroom. In this way, the bridegroom becomes her second husband and he will be long lived.

Offering donations

When a planet is not good and causing problems in the life of a person, then that planet’s related articles should be donated to a Brahmin (learned person). For example, when the planet Saturn is not good, then one and a quarter kilo of black gram or other Saturn related articles like black lentils, iron, oil, and black cloth should be donated to a Brahmin on any Saturday.


Yantras are sacred symbols which are written on a copper plate. They are either worn on the body or installed in a house or worship place. This practice is followed when a particular remedy has to be practiced over a long period of time and the native is unable to perform other remedial measures due to ill-health, lack of time or distance. For example, when a person is facing problems due to kaal sarp dosha in his horoscope, an Astrologer can ask him to install a kaal sarp dosha nivarna yantra in his house at place of worship and worship the yantra on regular basis.


Each gem absorbs energy related to a particular planet. So, by wearing a gem, energy of that planet is increased. For example, in a horoscope if Sun is benefic and placed in a good house, then one should wear a Ruby in a gold ring in the ring finger. In this way, Sun’s energy is increased thus it gives maximum benefit to the native. Some astrologers recommend gemstones to reduce the malefic effect of planets particularly Rahu and Ketu. Gemstones of functionally malefic planets should not be worn. Gemstones of conflicting planets also should not be worn at the same time. Majority of the gems in market are either treated or duplicate so one should be aware while buying gems. Gems should always be bought from trusted source.

Best remedy is to do good karma in this life to neutralize the bad karma of previous lives.