(Southern Moon Node )

Spirituality, enlightenment and apparent obstacles on the way to enlightenment, complete knowledge, abstraction, sublimation, transformation, separation, dividedness, sexual energy, kundalini, uncontrollable mass of energy, electricity, brightness, flame, lamp, television, secretiveness, indolence, seclusion, eccentricity, renunciation, asceticism, buddhism, mysticism, esoteric knowledge, psychic abilities, apparition, witchcraft, intrigues, suspicion, corruption, scandals, excesses, hectic situations, sudden events, any unusual or striking phenomenon, unexpected changes, accidents, panic, poison, epidemics, fever, intestinal worms, hindrances, handicaps, stammering, symptom, sign, symbol, flag, comet, falling star, spark, smoke, any shaped metal, tool.
Ganesha, Meena avatar (Fish incarnation). Ayurveda, Upanishad, Aranyaka. Army. Mixed caste. Maternal grandfather. Fire. South-west. Tamas. Pitta. Nails. Sexual organs. Weird taste. Smoky colours. Shaped metal. Cat’s eye. 48th year.