Energy, strength, independence, initiative, motivation, determination, endurance, courage, force of character, manliness, power, impatience, impetuosity, zeal, enthusiasm, passion, pioneering, adventure, sports, competition, frankness, resourcefulness, management, research, technology, laboratories, chemistry, mathematics, logic, difference of opinion, litigation, argument, misunderstanding, anger, aggression, fascism, war, weapons, soldiers, police, wounds, accidents, operations, surgeons, engineers, dentists, coffee, tea, tobacco, fires, combustion engines, machines, kitchen, bakery, fortification, desert, mountains, landed property. 
Subrahmanya. Narasimha avatar (Man-lion incarnation). Dhanurveda, Nyaya, Vaisheshika. Commander in chief. Kshatriya. Younger brothers. Fire. South. Tamas. Pitta. Blood. Red bone marrow, gallbladder. Bitter. Red. Iron, steel, copper. Red coral. 28th year