Perfection, introspection, conscience, discipline, asceticism, detachment, yoga, con-templation, meditation, inner silence, transcendence, gateway to enlightenment, inner guru, patience, endurance, persistence, responsibility, seriousness, sense of duty, slowness, retardation, obstacles, problems, frustration, separating influence, coolness, contraction, caution, suspicion, reservation, exploration, discovery, invention, science, philosophy, metaphysics, religion, judaism, monasteries, grief, depression, suffering, long-term or chronic situation, time, the past, servant, labourer, communism, protestantism, anything mechanical, factories, oil, coal, mining industries, agriculture.
Shiva, Yama, Kurma avatar (Tortoise incarnation). Sthapatyaveda, Yoga, Nirukta. Servant. Shudra. Father, grandparents. Air. West. Tamas. Vata. Flesh, muscle. Knees, lower legs, nerves. Dark blue, black. Lead, iron, steel. Blue sapphire. 36th year.